Ms. July

The Benefits of Play

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Laughter… Building figures together… Sharing ideas… Collaboration. All these things are always present whenever the students of 3JL spend their indoor playtime together.

Play is a child’s way to learn more about himself and the world. Through play, children learn to get along and communicate with others, sort conflicts and develop their cognitive and physical skills. Play helps them develop their imagination, concentration, self-confidence, and social skills as they explore different play experiences.

3JL’s creativity never fails to amaze me as they turn our classroom into different themes and assume different roles every indoor playtime!

They once turned the room into a hotel!



Sometimes it also seems like we’re in a bakeshop.



And then a museum!


And they¬†also hold auditions for “The Voice” from time to time.



Indeed, play is a vital part of every child’s life and is quite essential not only for them to enjoy childhood but for us to make sure that we give them optimum opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


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