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And We keep MARCH-ing On!

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The months of March and April have been an amazing time for 3JL students to continue with their learning pursuits. For academics, we have been busy mastering multiplication and division facts and solving word problems that involve more than one operation. We have also started our discussion on fractions.  Students learned that there are different types of fractions and how each of them can be modeled using different representations.



For Science, the class also had a great time discussing natural and man-made selection which made them realize that in any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive while others don’t. We also had a discussion on fossils which made them understand that some kinds of plants and animals that once lived on Earth are no longer found now but their traces and remains could tell a lot about they particular place they were found at.  At the same time, our class has also explored the dynamics of animal habitats and their adaptation skills in order to survive. They can now make connections of the animals’ body structures and how these help them thrive in the environment they live in.




For Social Studies, we have also wrapped up our lesson on Ancient Mesopotamia. The kids enjoyed the series of activities we’ve had that made them more familiar with how Mesopotamia established the first civilization and the changes that took place in it overtime. They got to know different empires that took over Mesopotamia and the inventions and innovations that came along with them. It was a great way for the students to understand the progress of mankind from being nomads to establishing their own cities and empires. In the past weeks, we have also delved into the wonders of Ancient Egypt and we have started exploring the ways of Ancient Egyptians and their rich contribution to the world.

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For ELA, we are now working on our Informational Texts where the students are given scaffolds to come up with detailed and well-researched output which they will publish and present to the class the next few weeks.

It’s amazing how time flies so fast and how much these children have grown into smarter and more mature individuals! We look forward to having more fun and exciting learning endeavors!

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