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Learning in September!

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The months of August and September have gone by so fast, we barely noticed that First Quarter is almost done!

For the past two months, the students have been working on their mathematical computations and experimenting skills. It’s such a delight to see them develop into more collaborative and articulate  individuals who are not afraid to share their thought processes in class.

In Math, we’ve been working on the foundations of numeracy by recalling whole number concepts such as the place value and value, reading and writing numbers in standard and expanded form, comparing and ordering numbers, as well as rounding numbers. The students are also reviewing their knowledge on the four operations but this time, they are dealing with multi-digit numbers that test not only their computational skills but also the accuracy and speed they exert in solving various Math problems. Opportunities to solve Math riddles, puzzles, and mental math drills individually or in small groups are also consistently provided where they learn to collaborate and share Math ideas with one another.

In Science, the students continue to explore and master the Scientific Method as they perform experiments and engineering designs in class. As we delve deeper into the realm of Force and Energy, they continue to ask questions that can be investigated and give out hypothesis that are based on possible scientific outcomes. It’s great to see them exchange ideas with one another as they plan and conduct investigations and experiments. Seeing them come up with refined solutions to design problems they encounter is also a wonderful sight in class, I can see how these young minds could become excellent problem solvers in the future!

Cheers to more learning in the coming days!

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