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Our Math x Science Adventures!

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Science is not just about reading textbooks and answering worksheets. More importantly, it’s about performing experiments and doing hands-on activities that are surprising, exciting, and mind-boggling!

Working on them means taking risks, getting stuck in, finding things out for themselves, committing mistakes but learning from them, and using critical and analytical thinking in order to obtain sound conclusion.

Here are some snapshots of the things we’ve been very busy with as we tackled different Physical Science concepts:


For Math, the Grade 4 students have been very busy honing their skills in multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers. They were exposed to different strategies in multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers which help promote better problem solving skills.

It was a good way also for the students to collaborate with their peers as they helped each other out in finding the correct answers during our various small group activities.



Looking forward to more fruitful learnings in the coming months!

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