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January-fic Start!

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Our students came back with so much energy and spirit after the festivities brought about by the holiday break. The kids were so eager to share their stories of how their Christmas break went; were quite excited as well to see their classmates and update them with their life happenings.
As we start a brand new year, we did not waste the time to learn and explore new Mathematical and Scientific concepts!
We are now exploring the concepts of fractions in Math, a concept that is not so new to the students as they already have prior knowledge of this topic back in 2nd and 3rd grade. However, these concepts are now being reviewed and extended in fourth grade as they get to work with equivalent fractions as well as comparing and ordering fractions. They get to visualize fraction equivalence using pattern blocks, drawing diagrams and by using cross multiplication.
At the same time, both classes have also started their learning journey on plants. We had a mini Nature Walk were the kids had the opportunity to observer plants that exist around them and look closely at their parts and structures.
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January has been a great start for us to further explore concepts like photo synthesis and plant reproduction. They even conducted a mini-experiment to find out if air has a significant weight that contributes to the growth and development of plants.
We look forward to more exciting times in the coming months! :)

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