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February Fun Times

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The month of February went by so fast!

Nonetheless, we still had a lot of fun welcoming the Year of the Pig and celebrating Valentine’s Day, while continuously working hard in our academic subjects at the same time.

Here are some snippets of our Chinese New Year Celebration which included the Chinese New Year workshops, Chinese New Year Program Presentation, and the much-awaited Dragon Dance!

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We also had a simple Valentine’s Day activity where the students gave out positive notes to their classmates as a reminder that everyone is loved and accepted for who they are.


The month may have gone by so fast but the fun we had with different classroom and extra-curricular activities are surely going to last!

For Math, we are continuing with the fraction lessons, this time focusing on multiplication of fractions by whole numbers and solving fraction word problems.

20190213_124535 20190213_124531 20190213_124509

In Science, we wrapped up our discussion on Plant Structures and Functions by dissecting plants in order to have a first-hand learning experience on how plant reproduction takes place.

20190207_102003 20190207_101233 20190207_101230 (1) 20190207_101042 20190207_101025 20190207_083027 20190207_083012 20190207_082931 20190207_082607 20190207_081851

We now moved forward to the Human Body Systems as we later on make connections of the human’s internal and external structures to those of plants and animals.

As an introduction to the Human Body Systems, we made robotic fingers to understand how bones and muscles work together to help us move!

Looking forward to more engaging activities for the remaining months of the school year!


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