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How can involve everyone?

Every year, I always think of ways on how to involve everyone in the class.

I apply cooperative learning activities like round robin, number heads together and think pair share.  Then recently, a friend of mine told me that there are more ways on how to do cooperative learning which is more active than what I am doing.

This set of Cooperative Learning activities is called Kagan Structure.

Below is the Stand Up, Hand Up and Pair Up



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IB Math Command Terms

The language of Math is something needs to be learned by heart.

During the IB Asia Pacific Workshop, our speaker told us the importance of the knowing the command terms for Math IB. This allows students to basically know what to do or how to answer such IB Math questions. With regard to this, I posted math command terms on the wall to remind the students the meaning of the following words.

math command terms

I hope with this, our IB learners will be guided properly on what type of questions need answers and which questions are just asking for solutions.

In little ways, I hope this will allow them to learn the language of Math by heart.






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Mathematics in Internal Assement

Math is essential in the scientific process of research.

In doing Internal Assessments, basic knowledge and understanding of Statistics and Mathematical Modelling are evident through the analysis of primary and secondary data acquired.

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#Chooseday is so Fun!

First day of school will always be the best day of the school year.

Some of the students arrived early today. So as one of the perks of coming to school early, they get to #choose their locker first.

Then my co-homeroom teacher, Ms. Prissia,  arrived with this beautiful frame for the first day. Everyone was excited to use it.

Welcome Dragoons!

But of course they cannot use it unless we are complete.

While waiting for the others,  I gave the students a chance to talk to familiar faces and get to know the new ones.

When it’s time to formally introduce everybody to the new students I let the old students #choose an adjective that would best describe themselves.

It was so fun because we #chose words that made us feel good.

After that we started to take pictures of everyone including Grade 7 teachers for this school year.

#choose the best picture!

IMG_2228 IMG_2232 IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2240 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2247 IMG_2249 IMG_2252 IMG_2258 IMG_2263 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2281

We wore our big smiles because we #chose to have fun today.

After that tiring but fun-filled photo shoot we get to know the new middle school students through the following activities;

1. Birthday line

2. Group Pop-quiz

3. Pass the talent

4. Dress up like a Middle School student

It really feels good when you get to know new people. They share wonderful experiences that would inspire us in different ways.

And before the day ends, we need to set the rules and review the behavioral policy of the school.

We did a lot of things today.

We met new friends.

We get tired but we had fun!

Tuesday for me will now be a #chooseday because I realized, we #choose to be happy. The activities we do, the friends we meet, the places we go would not be perfect but we can still be happy and have fun because we #choose to do so.

This year will never be perfect. There will be rough times and situations will not be like what I planned but I will just remember this first day of school so i get to be reminded the we #choose to be happy.

There is more in life that we need to celebrate. #ichoosetohavefun




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Tomorrow, now and yesterday. . .

Because today is not the same as tomorrow…

Tomorrow is the start of another flight for all of us. You are to meet new people, collaborate with friends again, think harder, inquire more and take big risks. It feels like you’re going back to square one. But come to think of it, the more times you do these things the greater the knowledge you acquire. So I believe that every student, whether middle school or high school, soar on greater heights every year. Lessons may sometimes be similar but not the same. Problems are alike but solutions are not. You have same circle of friends but the quality of time you share with each other is different. You never noticed that you are transforming to a better person.

Because you are not that the same student anymore, you’re better now!

Now, let me join your flight as I guide you one more time in SY 2015 – 2016 to discover what you can share to others, how to see things in different perspectives and make this year more fun than the previous years. Let me help you answer your why questions and perform the hows. May we have time to sit and talk about what and where you want to be and plan on the path that you will create so others may follow. I’m so much excited to see you again and hear all the stories you have for me.

Because your stories tomorrow is not the same as yesterday. . .

Yesterday, there was so much happiness inside of me to see that the classrooms were ready, unit plans were polished and school activities were set for all of you. I know that this will be another wonderful year of learning, days of sharing and moments of innovating new things with you, because I believe that you’ve grown once again in becoming a wonderful person

Join the flight. Be with the high flyers, then lead the flight!

Welcome to SY 2015-2016!

Because you will never be the same again . . .