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Second Semester Output

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This semester, the Social Studies class from Grades 7-10 are honing their research skills. The Grades 7 are learning the use of footnotes while the Grade 8s are learning proper structure in the research paper. Meanwhile, the Grade 9s and 10s are able to identify the different components of a Social Studies paper. To date, they are working on the methodology section and learned that they can either use a qualitative or quantitative method as their research method.

The Grade 10 output look highly promising. Some of their topics include:

  1. - The use of subsidies in the US agricultural sector during the Great Depression
  2. - Frustration-aggression as a way of explaining the Russian Revolution and the 2014 Hong Kong protests
  3. Anarchist revolutions
  4. Mixed capitalist economies of Hong Kong and China
  5. The Prohibition
  6. The use of subsidies in the German car manufacturing sector

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