Grade 7: Looking for Heroes

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The world that we live in is fraught with conflict and turmoil at the moment. From bigotry to violence, it is becoming more and more difficult to shield our children from what is happening.

Therefore, it seemed apt to begin the school year by delving into a study of the Hero’s Journey, otherwise known as the monomyth, through a selection of short stories. If we spend time trying to identify the qualities that make one “heroic”, then we become more and more aware that we all possess these qualities and have the ability to be heroic in our own ways.

The first short story that we tackled as class was Rudyard Kipling’s classic story of “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”, which chronicles the triumph of Rikki-Tikki, an Indian Grey mongoose, over Nag and Nagaina, a couple of king cobras that rule the garden and terrorize its inhabitants.

After studying the stages of the Hero’s Journey, The Grade 7 students were grouped and assigned different stages to plot on a poster, citing textual evidence to show how they made their decisions. Below is the finished product.



I think they did a marvelous job at making their learning visible.

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