Grade 9 Hero Cycle: from the Greeks to the Present

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If one were asked what the Lord of the Rings and Iron Man have in common, it wouldn’t be surprising to see furrowed eyebrows and quizzical looks. After all, one is written by Tolkien and another a product of Marvel Comics. The hero of one is a Hobbit of simple tastes while the other is a flashy billionaire with sleek armour.

However, as the Grade 9 studied the Epic Hero Cycle for the Battle between Hektor and Achilles and the Journey of Theseus, they applied the same to modern films.

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As it turns out, the journey of Frodo Baggins and Tony Stark are similar. Both were propelled into a journey, accepted help from others, suffered losses and yet overcame them to gain new perspectives. The Epic Hero cycle then is not only for the time of the Greeks; it has set the template for stories and films and shaped storytelling as we know it.

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