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Grade 5 Novel Study: Parent Talk

The fifth-graders enjoyed reading “Number the Stars” and learning more about the Holocaust. I’m so glad that there’s a myriad of activities that can be integrated with this lesson. Perhaps, one of the most memorable we had was having a parent talk about the Holocaust.


The students got to learn about heroic Resistance fighters and see first-hand some memorabilia dating back to the war.


Here are the kids looking so intent:




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Grade 9 Macbeth

In studying Shakespeare, it has become increasingly important to not just read the text but to stage it as well.

This year, the Grade 9 students were divided into 5 groups and each group staged their interpretation of each Act of Macbeth. They were also required to create a poster which captures the essence of their selected Act.

20171204_083131 20171204_083114 20171204_083123

The experience allowed the students to revisit the text and to integrate their own understanding of the play. Here lies the classic quality of Shakespeare’s works – that these can be studied from a twenty-first century perspective and still retain the essence of their themes.