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Grade 10: Introduction to the Holocaust

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As the Grade 10 prepared to tackle Night by Elie Wiesel, they were tasked to delve deeper into the Holocaust by creating learning centers that revolved around topics of their choice. Two groups were asked to create physical learning centers, while the other two needed to create digital learning centers.

Physical Learning Centers


The first physical learning center focused on the effectivity of gas chambers in the annihilation of the Jewish people. Students presented comparative data and also tried to replicate what the gas would have smelled like.



The other physical learning center presented the lasting effects of the Holocaust on the German psyche and national identity. It explored how the generations of Germans born after World War II have dealt with the stigma of Naziism.

Digital Learning Centers

The first digital learning center sought to explore who among the Nazis in power was most responsible for the horrors of the Holocaust.


The second digital learning center focused on the resistance efforts that existed during the Nazi regime.

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