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Grade 7: Reviewing with Quizlet

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This semester, the Grade 7 class were introduced to a number of new vocabulary and terms that they needed to review for their end of semester exams. One tech tool that the class really enjoyed using was Quizlet, a free-to-use website where users can create sets of digital flashcards.

quizlet 1 While there are other sites that do this, what sets Quizlet apart are the fun and interactive ways in which students can review, such as the Match, Gravity, and Live games.

quizlet 2


The Live game in particular proved to be a fun and effective way to review the terms in class. Teachers can host a live game, sharing a code with students that enables them to join a game. In each game, students are grouped into teams and have to work collaboratively to answer prompts before the other teams do.



It isn’t often that students look forward to reviewing vocabulary and terms for class, but the Grade 7 students thoroughly enjoyed studying with Quizlet.

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