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Monthly Archives: February 2018

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Grade 6: Poetry and Learner Profiles

The grade 6 classes are quickly warming up to the wonderful world of literature! We welcomed the 2nd semester with the poetry unit and with the new unit comes new IB Learner Profiles to develop and to integrate.

Knowledgeable: More literary terms and poetic devices are introduced to our students this quarter.  Practice exercises are provided to reinforce their knowledge in identifying figures of speech and sound devices as these would be helpful when they carefully analyze the meaning of poems.

Reflective: Through discussions and written practices, students are trained to put together elements of poetry to understand the meaning of the poem.  In giving reflection exercises, they are given time to look more deeply into the message of poems and connect them to real-life situations.

Communicators:  As they develop the necessary skills in analyzing poems, students are gaining more confidence in discussing these poems to the whole class.  Through this activity, they are able to put together what they have learned so far and are immediately given feedback to ensure that they are on track.  As facilitators, students are given freedom to enrich discussions through warm up activities as well as develop skills in making relevant questions, explaining ideas, and responding to questions from the audience.


“Change” by Charlotte Zolotow


“Message from a Caterpillar” by Lilian Moore


“Fog” by Carl Sandburg


“Fall” by Sally Andersen

It is interesting to witness how students become more adept in literature.  Seeing these kids get more and more familiar with the the language of poetry is truly remarkable.  As topics range from caterpillars turning into butterflies to being bullied and standing up for yourself, there really is so much to look forward to in the coming days! :)