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    • 8th Grade: The Metamorphosis
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Monthly Archives: April 2018

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Grade 8 Dramatic Reading

This quarter, the Grade 8 students were introduced to Greek Drama and they read Sophocles’s “Antigone.”


Each student was assigned a character and created a mask to represent it. The activity allowed the students to undergo the same creative process from a thousand years ago, when Greeks wore masks during performances. The students also had the chance to practice by doing table reads



Over two sessions, the class performed a dramatic reading. Apart from wearing masks, they internalized their characters and were acquainted with the bone of contention: divine will vs. human will.

20180410_124906 20180410_124614

This text itself is a jump-off point to the class’s next activity: debate.



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Grade 9 Introduction to Literary Analysis

One of the most important skills the students learn for their IB years is literary analysis. This year, the Grade 9 studied any of the assigned short stories: “Footnote to Youth” by Jose Garcia Villa, “Karma” by Khuswant Singh, “Piece of String” and “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, “Harvest” by Loreto Paras Sulit and “The Bet” by Chekhov.

They were given time to annotate and analyze these stories; they were taught to recognize patterns and to evaluate plot and character.


20180206_095841 20180206_095833

The students then prepared to present their analysis of the short stories. They had their thesis statements ready and were tasked to provide textual evidence.



Students were also tasked to read a second short story in order to prepare questions for their classmates’ presentations:



The students found literary analysis challenging and detail-oriented but it is expected that this lesson has properly introduced them to a skill which figures heavily in IB.