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Día Nacional de España

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The National Day of Spain, also known as Día de la Hispanidad, is held every year on October 12 and is regulated by the law 18/1987 as national holiday. The event commemorates the day that Christopher Columbus stepped on America in 1492, which meant the connection between the known world until then and the new world. And from 2014, is also commemorated the day of the Spanish language, since the United Nations (UN) as well established it as one more element of union and consolidation of the Hispanic world.

The discovery of America by Columbus was not regarded as such at first, since the sailor was never conscious of reaching a new continent but India, reason whereby the new Americans received the name of Indians. It was then when Américo Vespucio sailed to South America to reach the conclusion that the destiny of Columbus was a different one.

In particular, in Spain the feast coincides with the day of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of Zaragoza, Spain. Formerly this same day was named Columbus Day, both in Spain and in many other countries in Latin America, and that name is maintained in places like Mexico. In Argentina, for example, that day is celebrated the day of diversity Cultural American; in Chile, the day of the discovery of two worlds; in Costa Rica, the day of cultures; in United States, Columbus Day; in Uruguay, day of the Americas; and in Venezuela, day of indigenous resistance.
Feliz Día de la Hispanidad a todos!!!

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