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English 7 – A Wrinkle in Time (Quarter 3)

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The 3rd quarter began with a review of the five-point plot structure through a brief PowerPoint lecture, followed by an activity and mini-quiz. Students were then introduced to A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle and made predictions on what the novel would be about through a Word Cloud / Wordle. Students read chapters 1-7 of AWIT and answered two study guide worksheets. Following this, they were introduced to the different roles in a literature discussion circle (summarizer, commentator, language finder, illustrator, discussion facilitator, and reflector) and were grouped into their discussion circles. Students rotated roles and experienced all 6. Students were then asked to evaluate their performance as well as that of their peers in a confidential form.



Subsequently, students researched and chose a book to compare and contrast with A Wrinkle in Time, first approved by the teacher.

Next, students were oriented on the two different methods of compare and contrast (point-by-point method vs. block method) and given multiple examples for each as well as the breakdown of the structure. Students were guided on elements of fiction that they could incorporate into their Comparative Essay. They then created a Venn Diagram followed by an outline to be approved by the teacher before writing their first draft. After more feedback from their teacher, students completed their Comparative Essay. Students were put into one of 4 groups (plot, characters, setting, or themes) and were given a week to research their assigned topics with guidance from the teacher. When each group finally gave their presentation, other groups evaluated them through peer-evaluation forms to provide them with feedback that they can incorporate in the future.


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Afterwards, students were oriented and introduced to the group creative writing task options (a diary entry, an additional chapter, an epic poem, a short story, or an alternate ending). In brainstorming and generating ideas, each group completed a graffiti wall for each of the options through the rotation. Finally, students picked a topic they were most interested in and completed their creative writing task with feedback and guidance from the teacher.

IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5501

Lastly, students learned the basic elements of film before watching Disney’s 2018 and Harrison’s 2003 adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Students answered and discussed pre- and post-movie reflection questions before working on post-movie charts comparing the book to the film of their choice.


In preparation for the next unit, students reviewed racism, segregation, and southern tradition through a series of mind maps, class discussions, and reflection and comprehension sheets based on short videos.

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