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    • 8th Grade: The Metamorphosis
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English 9 – Satire and Society

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This quarter, the 9th graders learned about satire and society. First, students were oriented and guided on the cause and effect essay. Students had an option of selecting a topic from a list or generating their own with guidance from the teacher. The students were guided through the outlining and first draft process of the cause and effect essay.


Students took notes on the background to Voltaire’s Candide and the characteristics of a satire while watching a short documentary. Examples of satire in various media were then shown and discussed as a class through a competitive game.


To review Candide’s storyline and sequence of events, students filled out a detailed plot diagram. Within the next two weeks, the teacher discussed each chapter of Candide while students took notes on the summary, analysis, textual evidence, and themes.

Plot Diagram

In groups, students presented mini-reports based on their assigned chapters.

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After they revised, edited, and submitted their cause and effect essay, they prepared for their oral defense and were given a series of practice questions to respond to regarding their research.

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After their oral assessment, students reviewed for final exams.

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