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    • 8th Grade: The Metamorphosis
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A Glimpse of the First Quarter

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Two months have already passed since the opening of the school year. In the English classes, this means that the students have read a number of texts (or one whole book) and engaged in various activities to help them process the assigned readings. Our goal is to make the students critical of what they read, and at the same time, appreciate the power of language, and these past two months are necessary stepping stones towards those ends.

Grades 6-9 students have explored some timeless topics in literature such as myths and the hero’s journey. The Grade 10 students have been introduced to the more modern form of the graphic memoir. Following the new curriculum for IB DP Language and Literature, the Grade 11 students have learned more about global issues before analyzing both literary and non-literary texts tackling these problems. The Grade 12 have been analyzing how texts participate in the construction of concepts such as identity, knowledge, power, and community.

Here are some questions raised by the Grade 10 students while they sat in a discussion circle about Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis:

Grade 10

At a different time, the Grade 12 students looked into the nature of using street slang after listening to two prominent speakers with opposing perspectives. Afterwards, the students formulated questions and shared wonderful insights about the topic:

Grade 12 (2)

Such questions show the students’ growing understanding of language and literature, and we are all excited to see them improve as we go along!

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