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English – 1st Quarter Culminating Projects

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The end of the quarter means completed projects for students–and in English class, students creatively expressed what they’ve learned about the longstanding literary trope, Heroes. In Grade 7, students┬ácollaborated with the Grade 1 class to create a storybook following “The 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey,” in which their Elementary Buddies were the heroes of their narratives. Both older and younger buddies loved the interaction: 7th graders rose to the challenge of writing for an audience and applying their knowledge of the narrative structure, while 1st graders marvelled at the stories (starring them) that unfolded.

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Meanwhile, Grade 9 focused on their critical writing skills, responding to the question: “What makes a modern-day hero?” Definitions varied from the connotative to the historical, while examples included activists like Nelson Mandela and Greta Thunberg, as well as ordinary citizens called by circumstance to do the right thing, such as local firefighters and doctors. Then, students immersed themselves in the world of rhetoric, and presented their essays as a persuasive speech. Their delivery was passionate, energetic, and reflected a larger understanding of how language can be used to convince others.


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