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Category Archives: Spoken Word

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Spoken Word Workshop


The Library and English Department would like to thank Mr. Marlo Cabrera for being our honored speaker in the Spoken Word Workshop for the CISM Middle School students held on the 14th of March 2017.

Mr. Marlo Cabrera is a third year Entrepreneurship student who enjoys writing poetry and making art. He is an Executive Director of Risen Collective, an art organization composed of college students from McKinley Hill. Mr. Marlo has also been part of multiple organizations namely Logos, The Upward Project and a Folio called Ampersand.

Mr. Marlo guided the MS students as they wrote their own pieces. Some students did poems about food, war, the beach, and the CISM family. In his short history overview, he mentioned the presence of Spoken Word in the Philippines as early as the staging of “Balagtasan.” As event highlights, Mr. Cabrera showcased his skills in Spoken Word poetry when he performed his original pieces on “anti-bullying” and the complex matter called “love.”

Here are some snapshots during the Poetry Workshop:


IMG_2702 IMG_2711 IMG_2712


A student performs a poem made by some of her classmates.

IMG_2714 IMG_2717


Students consult with Mr. Marlo their chosen topics.

IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2721


Students were asked to narrow down their topics and use similes, hyperboles, and metaphors as they write their pieces.



Mr. Cabrera’s Poetry Workshop with the next batch of CISM students at the Upper School Library.

IMG_2735 IMG_2734
Students were chosen to share their chosen topics.



After writing, some of the writers were called in front to share what they have created.

IMG_2733 IMG_2732 IMG_2731


Mr. Cabrera also shared tips and reminders when doing your Spoken Word Performance.

IMG_2727 IMG_2726 IMG_2724

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