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Youth Chinese Test

YCT is an international standardized Chinese language test which is directed at examining non-native primary and secondary school students’ ability to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives. It consists of two independent parts: written test and oral test. The written test is made up of four levels from YCT Level 1 to YCT Level 4. The oral test includes YCT-Speaking Basic and YCT-Speaking Intermediate, and the test taker’s on-site performance will be recorded.

The YCT is for non-native, primary and secondary school students up to age 15.

  • YCT Level 1: can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies.
  • YCT Level 2: can understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications.
  • YCT Level 3: having reached an excellent level in basic Chinese, can communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner.
  • YCT Level 4: can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives. When travelling in China, they can manage most forms of communication in Chinese.

This coming March 18, grade 3-5 students will take their YCT exams.