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Kindergarten Mandarin (Nationality)

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Kindergarten Mandarin


Dear Kindergartenparents,


Students in Kindergarten enjoyed learning Countries and Nationalities in Mandarin class. They were so excited to see their country’s flags and read the Chinese characters for their nationality. This unit’s focus is to help them identify different nationalities in Chinese and read Chinese characters related to countries/nationalities. We also learned how to introduce our self and some friends’ nationalities using the sentence pattern: 我是中国人。XXX是美国人。XXX是瑞典人。XXX是菲律宾人。In writing, students patiently write each stroke to see the entire structure of the Chinese characters. We have learned writing the following words: 中国人、美国人、日本人、韩国人。


Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this month. You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for next lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic for the week Countries and Nationalities
Learning outcomes
  • Identify countries and nationalities in Mandarin
  • Read and recognize the Chinese word for different countries and nationalities
  • Pronounce Chinese words with correct pronunciation and tone mark
  • Recite sentences related to countries and nationalities
  1. 中国(人)
  2. 美国(人)
  3. 菲律宾(人)
  4. 日本(人)
  5. 印度(人)
  6. 香港(人)
  7. 马来西亚(人)
  8. 澳大利亚(人)
  9. 加拿大(人)
  10. 比利时(人)
  11. 韩国(人)
  12. 瑞典(人)
Sentence Pattern -你是哪国人?




Teacher Mavi

Countries and Nationalities Google Drive Link :



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