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Ms 5 Review Hsk

Grade 6 to grade 12 will have a Hsk test on Febuary 15. Recently, we review Hsk in Mandarin class.  Students will take the different level of Hsk test. Students will have the test from HSk 3 to HSK 5 in Ms 5 class. These students who will have the HSK 4 will do reading and writing when others students do listening. And, I will explain the question one by one. Try my best to resolve student’s question. I ask students to correct wrong by themselves. If they can’t do it right again, I will remind them.Generally speaking, Students can do it by themselves. I review words according to the HSK vocabulary list and teach important words and diffcult words.Hsk 4相信

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新年快樂 2018 Happy new year -ES2


四五年级的学生们 现在正如火如荼的练习着

After 2 weeks, 2018 Chinese New year is coming
This year is the year of dog
dog barks sound like wang wang wang
so this time the New year performance
Gr.4-5 ES2 will sing a song from Taiwan band wangfu which name is wangwangjiao

This is a very joyful song
Gr.4-5 Es2 students are doing their best to practice now.
Please will til Feb.15 they will show you the greatest performance ever.

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This is a new term, and we use new methods, making each student an active member of the classroom. You are teacher.This requires students to come to the lecture, so students must be fully prepared. They should learn and understand first, then prepare what we are going to teach, let the others understand.this way can exercise students’ understanding ability,and can also exercise the ability to speak and manage.What’s more, we can introduce some other knowledge,like Chinese culture. In addition,we have learned hobbies, and students have a wide range of interests.they can introduce their hobbies in Chinese.These are pictures that students prepare lesson and make PPT.
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Grade 4/5 ES1 – Countries, Languages and Nationalities

Let’s review where you’re from, your nationality and the language you speak.


People always want to know what country (国家– guó jiā) are you from. The Chinese character 国 (guó) comes up again and again:

USA (美国 – měi guó)

England (英国 – yīng guó)

South Korea (韩国 – hán guó)

Thailand (泰国 – tài guó)

The Chinese character 国use as a short form of 国家 and other Chinese names for countries are more of a transliteration (sound like the actual name).

Canada (加拿大 – jiā ná dà)

Malaysia (马来西亚– mǎ lái xī yà)

Italy (意大利 – yì dà lì)

How can you ask/answer about where a person is from? Here are the question and the corresponding answer:

你是哪国人? (nǐ shì nǎ rén)

Which country are you from?

我是… 的 (wǒ shì… de)

I’m from…


It is easy to learn nationalities in Chinese language – simply add the character for person (人 – rén):

German (德国人 – dé guó rén)

Indian (印度人 – yìn dù rén)

To say your nationality, it’s quite simple: I’m… (我是…人 – wǒ shì… rén)


Talking about languages (语言 – yǔ yán), here are some terms -

Mandarin (普通话 – pǔ tōng huà/中文 – zhōng wén/汉语 – hàn yǔ)

Cantonese (广东话 – guǎng dōng huà)

English (英语 – yīng yǔ)

French (法语 – fǎ yǔ)

Spanish (西班牙语 – xī bān yá yǔ)

Here’s how you would ask/answer about what language you speak:

What languages can you speak?

你会说什么语言? (nǐ huì shuō shén me yǔ yán)

I can speak…

我会说… (wǒ huì shuō…)


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Grade 3: My lunch

With Chinese new year coming, I introduce culture of Chinese new year, including the story of Nian and Chinese food that people eat in spring festival. These foods are related to the topic of lesson My lunch. We study the sentence structure WO ZHONGWU CHI JIAOZI in the lesson.(我中午吃饺子。S+ time+ V+N)


Ask students to draw foods what they like. And then introduce these foods to other students in Chinese. Students will use these new words and sentence structure when we role play.

Some new words:

三明治 Sandwich

薯条 French fries

炒面 Fire noodles

热狗 Hotdog

甜甜圈 Donuts

比萨饼 Pizza