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Grade 1: Stationery

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Recently, Grade 1 students are learning topic “stationery” and “measure word”. Students will draw pencil, ruler, shoes and others on small whiteboard when we study and review these words. Teacher will speak English when students answer in Chinese. Students like the way to study new words.


Measure words are not easy to learn for Grade 1 students. Therefore, we learned it slowly and will match different measure words with some familiar words. For example, zhi(只) we can use it match some birds and certain animals. We watch video three little bears(三只小熊)to introduce measure word. Measure words are usually used and placed between a number and a noun in Chinese.

And then, we study different measure words and a new sentence structure.

One pencil                  一支铅笔

Two erasers                 两块橡皮

Three scissors             三把剪刀

Four rulers                  四把尺子

Five color pencils     五支彩色铅笔


Sentence structure: I have a pencil. 我有一支铅笔。(I+HAVE+MEASURE WORD+NOUN)

She has two erasers.她有两块橡皮。(√)她有二块橡皮(×)。

Tian li has three scissors. 田力有三把剪刀。

You have four rulers.你有四把尺子。

He has five color pencils. 他有五支彩色铅笔。

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