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I ride school bus to school (我坐校车上学)

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The grade3 this month topic is “I ride school bus to school”

我坐校车上学 Wǒ zuò xiàochē shàngxué

in this lesson we will different traffic transportation, like:

校车 xiàochē school
公共汽车 Gōnggòng qìchē bus
出租车 Chūzū chē taxi
火车 Huǒchē train
飞机 Fēijī air plane

And we will learn the verb 坐 Zuò (sit)
the original meaning is “sit”
but if put a traffic transportation behind
EX: 坐校车, 坐公共汽车, 坐出租车, etc.
it means ride the transportation

the sentence pattern 坐 transportation +去 place or Verb.
it means someone ride the transportation to a place or do something

EX: 我坐车去动物园 I ride car to zoo.
我做车上學 I ride car to school

Hope students will know how to express what they ride in Chinese.

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