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Nursery Mandarin



Nursery Mandarin – Mr. Maverick Arenas


Nursery students focused on the topic “Colors” this month. We learned different words about colors such as, 红色、橙色、黄色、绿色、蓝色、紫色、黑色、白色. Every Mandarin class, students were tasked to identify Chinese characters, and read aloud words presented in class. They were also given opportunity to say their favorite color in class by using sentence patterns discussed in class.


Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this month. You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for future lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic Colors
Learning outcomes
  • Pronounce the words correctly
  • Identify Chinese characters
  • Identify colors
  • Answer the questions correctly
  • Recite sentences related to the topic
  • Sing songs and rhymes
Vocabulary Vocabulary:




Sentence pattern:

1. 我喜欢红色、橙色、黄色、绿色、蓝色、紫色、黑色、白色

Review material



Teacher Mavi



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Grade 9/10 HS2

Grade 9/10 HS2 students continue with the topic Food and Drinks. The students prepared power point presentation on a Chinese dish and presented in class. The presentation includes food ingredients, procedure and picture of the Chinese dish.










In this task, they practiced their productive skills. Productive skills includes the pronunciation and intonation used to communicate and the grammatical structure of the sentences.




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Recently, we are learning facilities and subjects about school.
Chinese characters:科目:数学 中文 英语 生物 地理 物理 历史 化学 音乐 美术 有意思 考试 测验 为什么
设施:教学楼 图书馆 教室 体育馆 篮球场 足球场 游泳池。
这是我的学校,图书馆里有很多人,一些在…….,一些在…….。Furthermore, we wrote an essay to record our trip. IMG20180320131553[1]IMG20180320131615[1]IMG20180320131651[1]IMG20180320131744[1]

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Grade 4-5 ES1

Grade 4 and 5 ES1 students learned to write simple sentences. Following the pattern below, students shared his/her favorite subject/s in essay writing.

我 + 喜欢 + 上 ____________  课。I like to attend _______ class.

我 + 不喜欢 + 上 ____________  课。I don’t like to attend _______ class.

Grade 4.5 works

They also shared their favorite colors, nationalities of their classmates and basic information about themselves.







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Grade 3 students are learning the topic “I’m hungry”. At the same time, we are reviewing YCT words and Grammars. The new sentence structure is “sb + adj +了。”. Students use these sentences我饿了。(I’m hungry.),我渴了。(I’m thirsty)我饱了。(I am full)to express their feelings.

We review YCT words from Chinese number “一” to foods and animals. Many students forgot pinyin and tone of these words. We use some word cards and play game to review pinyin and tone of these words and sentence structures。