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ES1 YCT1&2 vocabulary words

YCT is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency to assesses young students’ Chinese abilities. The test is consist of listening and writing test.

ES1 students will be taking either YCT 1 or YCT 2.

Attached files are the vocabulary words for YCT 1 and YCT 2.



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We are learning facilities about classroom.

Chinese characters: 教室   电视机   电脑   书架   桌子   椅子  小学生   老师  很多  前后左右

pinyin: ai  ei  ui  ao  ou  iu  ie  üe  er  in  un   ün  ang  eng  ing  ong

sentences:教室里有电视机。 教室里有很多小学生。



measure words:张    把     台    个

practice: We play game to practice these things. We will listen to instructions and do the action. For example, raise your left hands, use your right hands handshake with your partner. This is a way to practice, and can  let class become more interesting , enhance their friendship.

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Grade 1: I like to eat cake. (我喜欢吃蛋糕。)

For Grade 1, we are studying the topic about “My favorite food”. In this class, we are studying words about snacks and fruit. For example, cake, chocolate, donut and so on. And meanwhile, we also will study these new sentences:

我喜欢吃蛋糕。(I like to eat cake.)

我喜欢喝牛奶。(I like to drink milk.)

我不喜欢吃香蕉。(I don’t like to eat banana.)

我爱吃巧克力。(I love eating chocolate.)

我不爱喝苹果汁。(I don’t love drinking apple juice.)

我最喜欢吃糖果。(I like to eat candy most.)

We play game to practice these sentences. We will passing one sentence and the last one students will choice the character from whiteboard and draw the foods or animals. In this class, every one students can say sentences and practice their listening about the topic. Students are interested in the topic, so they study new words very fast.