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For past few weeks, grade 4&5 students pay more attention to Lesson 8 & Lesson 9: School Facilities(学校设施)and Stationary(文具). Students they have reviewed the words and sentences structures of Lesson 8. Meanwhile, they studied the words of Lesson 9, learned to listen, speak, read and write. They try their best to make the sentences with the sentence structures. And also teacher grades the students ‘videos of introduction for Our School. During the class, students they had fun playing games: Drawing the School Facilities, Match words with pictures. 121 Vocabulary for reviewing:

  • 教学,图书馆,礼堂,学校,操场,体育馆,篮球场,游泳池,停车场,校长办公室 ,教室

Vocabulary for learning:

  • 里边,铅笔,橡皮,练习,练习本,文具盒,小说,卡片,进,看见

Sentence Structure:

  • 一……就
  • 一进……就看见……

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