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Celebrating #cismbookweek2018

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Last week, CISM celebrated the annual Book Week and the whole school was filled with much buzz and excitement.

During this fun-filled week, we also saw the introduction of many new Chinese book titles in the school library – check this out!

IMG-7464 IMG-7465 IMG-7466

These titles were handpicked by the Chinese department, who ensured that the content was interesting and the format was suitable for our learners. IMG-7468 IMG-7469

Love this story on Tian Ji’s Horse-racing Strategy! (Psst… watch the video here:

Other classical stories which distills the Chinese wisdom:


These classic tales come in Simplified Chinese, has Phonetic guide, and even included the English translation.


For parents who are interested to do reading sessions with your child, there are some explanations and also suggestions on carrying out the activity. IMG-7472The Mandarin Storytelling Club started with one of these titles yesterday, and the club members got to know the famous martial arts movie star Jackie Chan. They were so tickled by the story, and also learnt how to identify Jackie Chan – his big nose!

There sure is something for everyone, so do encourage your child to borrow these brand-new titles from the library!

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