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Metacognition – Thinking about thinking…?

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So many strokes, so many strokes order to remember, each Chinese character looks complicated…

Not easy, painful, hard to remember, these are what many Mandarin learners associate with when learning Mandarin – the most difficult language in the world. What if we take them out of these “learner” perspective, and make them feel confident of what they have learnt thus far?

Metacognition Instruction has been practiced in class. In simple words, this strategy we take on in class is that students also learn how they learn, and examine which methods are more effective for themselves. Students are highly encouraged to take charge of their learning, asking questions to crystallize their learning.

With this promotion of Autonomous Learning, students are given space and time to reflect on how to retain knowledge better. Look what happened when they took on the role as an inspector

  Students actually devised smart ways that made things difficult for their peers! They dismantled each Chinese character into the individual strokes, and their buddy was supposed to guess and form it correctly. Very creative, isn’t it?


 Glad that students are one step closer to being lifelong learners!

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