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After 4 weeks of school break – can students remember these foreign-looking Chinese characters? Most students find Chinese characters hard to remember – there are just so many strokes for each one. Hence, it is important that students recap them before they get lost from the long-term memory for good! In Grade 3 class, students got to create their own Bingo sheet after writing practice. This activity helps in Word Recognition in an enjoyable way (they kept asking for more time to play it!).Also in ES1 and MS1 classes, they had to recall and interpret each phrase…IMG_7674IMG_7675IMG_7679…before making meaning and forming sentences of their own. What is the endgame in terms of word recognition? Dr. Dirk Meyer (Associate Professor of Chinese Philosophy, University of Oxford) says that there are around 64,000 characters in a comprehensive dictionary, and that if learners know 5000 characters – they are doing well. That’s merely 7.8 %, phew! If you still think this is insurmountable, fret not – even native Chinese may not be 100% accurate in using the correct Chinese character, as well as pronunciation. Check out how they fare when a British puts them to the test -


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