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MS4— HSK3 Review

MS4 students has been learning learning vocabulary words, problem solving skills  related with HSK3 .We learned different words about the HSK such as 讲故事、 搬家、城市、饿坏了、感冒、发烧、清楚and so on. Every Mandarin class, students were tasked to identify most HSK characters, and memorize words with games . Some very important words will be presented in class and read aloud , They were also given opportunity to use these words in class . They also learned problem solving skills of HSK from past exams .

Here are some vocabulary/a guide to HSK
饿坏了  Hungry to death

感冒  Have a cold

发烧 Have a Fever

清楚 Know/understand

讲故事  tell story

休息 have a rest


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Spring Beckons!

With the Chinese New Year falling on Feb 5th, CISM students learnt more about the Chinese culture in this 2-week long Spring Festival.




Chinese dragons are a symbol of China’s culture, and they are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore the longer the dragon in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. While we only got to watch a lion dance in CISM, both Grade 3 and ES1 students got to make their own paper Dragons.





They made papercuts with Pig, as it’s the Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar this year.


They also got to be creative in making and designing their own angbaos or red envelopes. Traditionally, only married couples gave angbaos as a form of blessings. Therefore, students got to write messages of gratitude to their loved ones. 

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ES2 – Making Phone Calls 打电话

ES2 students has been learning vocabulary words, grammar points related with making phone calls.

Here are some vocabulary/grammar points -

打电话 make a phone call

接电话 receive a phone call

回电话 return a phone call

你找哪一位?Who are you looking for?

我打电话问一下吧。I will call to ask.

给。。。打电话。。。give someone a call

Conversation practice -










To practice the vocabulary and pronunciation, see the attached video.

打电话 dǎ diànhuà – to call / to make phone calls / to talk on the phone

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日常生活 Daily Routines

For this month, Kinder students focused on the topic ” Daily Routines.” Students discussed their daily routines in class and had fun acting them out as they learn the following Chinese words: 起床, 刷牙, 洗脸, 洗手, 洗头发, 洗澡, 吃早餐, 上学, 上课, 吃午餐, 玩游戏, 放学, 回家, 吃晚餐, 睡觉. Students were asked to identify Chinese characters by matching pictures and words with pinyin. Students play a variety of games like Pass the Message for retaining words.

Daily Routines Poster

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Welcome back!

Four weeks ago, the grade 5 students focus on the topic about Stationary文具. Students have reviewed the words and sentences structures of Text 1. At the same time, they studied the words of Text 2, learned how to write , memorize words and construct sentences with these words and sentence structure.

Each mandarin student learned the words and review the words.

Words: 里边,外边,文具盒,就,忘记,借,行,计算,别,同学

Sentence structure: 一…….就, 我可以借……, 还给……., 行/不行13

And also students have prepared for Chinese New Year, they are much passionate to perform. Teachers guide them to practice the script and dance.1