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Seasons in different cities.

How time flies!

This month our ES3 focus on seasons learning, include the weathers, cities, directions, and temperature. In our class, some students like hand-writing, some students like painting, some students like singing, therefore, we encourage every child play an active role in our various activities. In order to help children to memorize the key words of lesson 5, we learned a seasons song. All of children enjoyed the song and they did well in painting and writing.

The followings are pictures  in our activities.

微信图片_20190930171139          微信图片_20190930171118 微信图片_20190930170813                     微信图片_20190930170508

微信图片_20190930171030                   微信图片_20190930170530

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Handmade and Dancing Show

Grade 2 Handmade and Dancing Show

During this month, G2 students have learned  these topics – Mid-Autumn Festival, Animals and Parts of body.

We learned different vocabulary words about Festival,Animals and Parts of body. We had handmade lantern from our amazing students and we played dice game together. Students showed their enthusiasm and enjoyed learning Chinese cultures from class activities.About animals and parts of body, students did great job and enjoyed dancing.

Attached are our classroom activities.


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Interesting Chinese Characters

ES2-Grade 4&5

The Chinese characters constitute one of mankind’s oldest systems of writing, and have the most users in the world.

Students begin to learn how to write Chinese characters step by step.

1.Basic Strokes:“横”、“竖”、“点”、“捺”、“撇”、“竖钩”、“横钩”、“提”、“横折”、“斜钩”、“竖提”、“竖弯钩”、“横折弯钩”.

2.Rules of Writing Chinese Characters:先横后竖、先撇后捺、从上到下、从左到右、先外后里、先外后里再封口、先中间后两边

Students have their own worksheets to practice writing Chinese characters and the worksheets have been arranged in order of difficulty.



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Grade 4 ES1 learning more about school, school subjects and leisure activities plus sentence structure

Grade 4 ES1 students focused on the topics – School, School Subjects and Leisure Activities. We learned different vocabulary words and started to identify Chinese characters. This week, we also started learning basic sentence structures such as 我 + location + activity. Students show enthusiasm and enjoy learning different sentence structure. Some students gave simple structure while other students wrote complex sentences.

Attached is our vocabulary words and video about sentence structure.


School subjects

Leisure time activities

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Let’s all be polite!

Nursery Mandarin – Mr. Maverick Arenas

Nursery students focused on the topic “Polite expressions” this month. We learned different words about being polite and respect such as, 请、谢谢、不客气、对不起、美关系. Every Mandarin class, students were tasked to identify Chinese characters, and read aloud words presented in class. They were also given opportunity to participate the mini skit in class by using polite expressions discussed in class.

Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this month. You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for future lessons and for upcoming assessments:

Topic Polite expressions
Learning outcomes
• Pronounce the words correctly
• Identify Chinese characters
• Respond to the greetings correctly
• Recite words related to the topic
• Sing songs and rhymes
Vocabulary Vocabulary:


Review material
• Youtube videos

Teacher Mavi



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Well begin is half done !

New school year! I am so glad to see all kids in our ES3 !

This is a good begining that most students can recollect what we learnaned last semester, such as “国家、语言”,“学习科目”,“打电话”, and they also can make dailogues to disguss their coutries, languages, and subjects fluently. It’s good news that kids’ oracy is okay,  we must keep going!  This semester we will give priority to Chinese tones , characters ,  and writing.

This is our group photo. Wish kids enjoy Chinese language in ES3 family!