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Interesting Chinese Characters

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ES2-Grade 4&5

The Chinese characters constitute one of mankind’s oldest systems of writing, and have the most users in the world.

Students begin to learn how to write Chinese characters step by step.

1.Basic Strokes:“横”、“竖”、“点”、“捺”、“撇”、“竖钩”、“横钩”、“提”、“横折”、“斜钩”、“竖提”、“竖弯钩”、“横折弯钩”.

2.Rules of Writing Chinese Characters:先横后竖、先撇后捺、从上到下、从左到右、先外后里、先外后里再封口、先中间后两边

Students have their own worksheets to practice writing Chinese characters and the worksheets have been arranged in order of difficulty.



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