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This month we learned something about sickness, most of the stuents enjoyed this topic, especially when they know how to see a doctor in Chinese.

Besides,we recalled some words about body, and learned two characters– “痛”“疼”,kids already know the difference between them. When we contact the words about body with “痛”“疼”, it’s “眼睛疼/痛,头疼/痛,耳朵疼/痛,手疼,脚疼”.

Some of our Mandarin class is after PE class, so when some students told me “老师,我手疼!”“老师,我脚疼!”, I was happy!

Attached is a video about our topic.

I Am Sick! (我生病了)






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Snacks Learning and Mask Making

Time Flies. G2 learned their favorite topic “snacks” in this month, students studied lots of words about snacks and tasted Chinese snacks. After our lesson, we made masks together.

Here are some words share with you: 巧克力,蛋糕,糖果,冰淇淋,甜甜圈,棒棒糖,薯片,饼干……

They can also use those words to make sentences:


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