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John Dewey’s “Learning by Doing” in Mandarin Class??? Maybe Yes, Maybe Not?

In Grade 11 CHI B class, the class have learned about Health, Customs and Traditions. 

It is during this time where the class discussed about individuals being health conscious, students going on a diet to look good, health benefits of certain food available in the market nowadays etc. It has been part of our discussion to understand the culture behind drinking tea, different ways on how to drink it and its brief history. As part of their cultural learning, I think it is only best for students to experience and enjoy the tradition of drinking tea. 

During our review and discussion about the traditions of drinking tea around the world. Each student was given a cup of their flavored fruit tea to experience and understand the transformation of the traditional tea compared to a brand new variety of tea available in the market now. 

By doing so, I believe that students were able to understand better the difference between the traditional freshly brewed tea and the millennial tea we buy from bobba tea stores. 

Can you tell me if “Learning by Doing” was applied here somehow? IMG_1914

Please comment below your answers.