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Nursery Mandarin (Weather conditions)

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Nursery Mandarin

Dear Nursery parents,

Students in Kindergarten enjoyed learning “Weather” in Mandarin class. They were able to relate the current weather condition in their area with the lesson. This unit’s focus is to help them identify different weather condition and read Chinese characters related to weathers. They also learned how to introduce the weather for today using the sentence pattern: 今天晴天。今天多云。今天下雨。今天下雪。

Please find below, the summary of the lesson we’ve taken up for this unit. Apart from Seesaw app, you are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in Nursery Mandarin Class:

Topic for the week
Learning outcomes
Identify weather condition in Mandarin
Read and recognize the Chinese word for different weather conditions
Pronounce Chinese words with correct pronunciation and tone mark
Recite sentences related to the topic


Sentence Pattern
-今天晴天。/今天多云。/今天下雨。/ 今天下雪。

Teacher Mavi

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