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课外活动kèwài huódòng (ASAC)

This month our Chinese topic in HS1 is 学校 xuéxiào (school)

we talk about 学校设施 xuéxiào shèshī (school facilities) as review.

Also we discussed what kind of 课外活动kèwài huódòng (ASAC) they attended this semester. Then we do the project, design an advertisement for your club.

the following pictures are students finished product.


P_20171107_145335 (1)









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你会不会说汉语? nǐ huì bù huì shuō hànyǔ? (Do you know how to speak Chinese?)

This month our grade 3 Chinese topic is language, so we do a conversation practice: asking the another student: do you know how to speak Chinese?

会不会 means can or can’t

说 means speak

汉语 means Chinese language

so the question 你会不会说汉语? nǐ huì bù huì shuō hànyǔ?

(Do you know how to speak Chinese?)

Then how to answer it?

If you know how to speak Chinese, you can say

我会说汉语 wǒ huì shuō hànyǔ (I know how to speak Chinese)

If you just know how to speak a little Chinese, you can say

我会说一点儿汉语 wǒ huì shuō yīdiǎnr hànyǔ (I know how to speak a little Chinese)

If you don’t know how to speak Chinese, you can say

我不会说汉语 wǒ bù huì shuō hànyǔ (I don’t know how to speak Chinese)

you can replace 汉语 to other languages

英语 yīngyǔ (English)
韩语 hányǔ (Korean language)
日语 rìyǔ(Japanese)
印度语 yìndù yǔ(India language)
菲律宾语 fēilǜbīn yǔ(Tagalog)

the rule is country name+ 语yǔ, but if the name of the country include 国 guó, such as:
德国 Déguó
英国 yīngguó
韩国 hánguó

we will replace 国 guó by 语yǔ, so it become 德语, 英语, 韩语 instead of 德国语, 英国语, 韩囯语

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四季(si4ji4) 4 seasons

Mandarin topic of this month is 四季 (si ji) which means 4 seasons. We use this song to strength students oral skill, let them to understand how to express the feeling in different seasons. The lyric is very easy to sing. Hope parents can sing with your children at home also. Enjoy learning Chinese with singing song!

冬天來了 冬天來了 (dong tian lai le 2X)  很冷 很冷 (hen leng 2X)

winter is coming winter is coming very cold very cold

春天來了春天來了(chun tian lai le 2X) 很暖和 很暖和(hen nuan huo 2X)

spring is coming spring is coming very warm very warm

夏天來了 夏天來了(xia tian lai le 2X) 很热 很热 (hen re 2X)

summer is coming summer is coming very hot very hot

秋天來了 秋天來了(qiu tian lai le 2X) 很涼爽 很涼爽(hen liang shuang 2X)

autumn is coming autumn is coming very cool and comfortable very cool and comfortable