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YCT 1 and YCT 2 reviewer

Grade 4 ES1 learned colors, parts of the body these two months. Students learned to describe appearance of a person, clothing through speaking and in writing.

parts of the body

This week, we will review words related with YCT 1 and YCT 2.
I had attached vocabulary words for students to review over the holiday.
YCT 1 vocabulary words

YCT 2 vocabulary words

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Mid-Autumn festival

A hallmark of the CISM school community’s annual commemorative events, the Mid-Autumn Festival takes center stage once again this season of spring.
One of the most celebrated festivals in China, the Mid-Autumn festival is a cultural heritage where communities gather to celebrate togethernes in gratitude. Lanterns are hung, mooncakes become a staple part of dinner, and lantern riddles and dice games are played by families and friends. The festival celebrates harmonious relationships, family reunions, and peace.
In CISM, the festival is marked by having the traditional dice game, also known as Bo Bing 博饼. This traditional game involves six dice and a China bowl with 63 different prizes for the players. In Chinese Filipino community, the dice game is known as Pua Tiong Chiu.




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ES1 – Colors

Grade 4/5 ES1 students continue to build up their vocabulary words and recognizing Chinese characters without pinyin. During class discussion, students were able to pronounce words in the proper tone for the vocabulary words of transportation, colors and clothings. We included different class activities such as role play, partner conversation, charades, think-pair-share
to enhance their speaking skills and train them to be confident in speaking Mandarin Chinese.



For audio, please click learn-chinese-mandarin-free-lesson-4.html