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Grade 1 Mandarin chinese class activities

We have been in school more than one month. Grade 1 have studied numbers and family. These pictures are about some activities what we do in Mandarin class. The first one is about a children’s song. We study it to review numbers. IMG_2106 The second one is a game about numbers. Students are divided into different groups to match Chinese characters with numbers. The game can help students to practice and increase memory of numbers and Chinese characters. IMG_2180   The third one is about family. We have study family title. For example, Daddy, Mom, big sister, big brother and others. Students draw the paint and stick their families. Then introduce their families for all students with new sentence pattern. I put student’s paint in my power point in Mandarin class. Students can look at their family portrait to make sentence. So every students can have an opportunity to practice new sentence pattern and new words. IMG_2268 IMG_2279 IMG_2280