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Grade 1: I like to eat cake. (我喜欢吃蛋糕。)

For Grade 1, we are studying the topic about “My favorite food”. In this class, we are studying words about snacks and fruit. For example, cake, chocolate, donut and so on. And meanwhile, we also will study these new sentences:

我喜欢吃蛋糕。(I like to eat cake.)

我喜欢喝牛奶。(I like to drink milk.)

我不喜欢吃香蕉。(I don’t like to eat banana.)

我爱吃巧克力。(I love eating chocolate.)

我不爱喝苹果汁。(I don’t love drinking apple juice.)

我最喜欢吃糖果。(I like to eat candy most.)

We play game to practice these sentences. We will passing one sentence and the last one students will choice the character from whiteboard and draw the foods or animals. In this class, every one students can say sentences and practice their listening about the topic. Students are interested in the topic, so they study new words very fast.


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Grade 3 students are learning the topic “I’m hungry”. At the same time, we are reviewing YCT words and Grammars. The new sentence structure is “sb + adj +了。”. Students use these sentences我饿了。(I’m hungry.),我渴了。(I’m thirsty)我饱了。(I am full)to express their feelings.

We review YCT words from Chinese number “一” to foods and animals. Many students forgot pinyin and tone of these words. We use some word cards and play game to review pinyin and tone of these words and sentence structures。



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Grade 1: Stationery

Recently, Grade 1 students are learning topic “stationery” and “measure word”. Students will draw pencil, ruler, shoes and others on small whiteboard when we study and review these words. Teacher will speak English when students answer in Chinese. Students like the way to study new words.


Measure words are not easy to learn for Grade 1 students. Therefore, we learned it slowly and will match different measure words with some familiar words. For example, zhi(只) we can use it match some birds and certain animals. We watch video three little bears(三只小熊)to introduce measure word. Measure words are usually used and placed between a number and a noun in Chinese.

And then, we study different measure words and a new sentence structure.

One pencil                  一支铅笔

Two erasers                 两块橡皮

Three scissors             三把剪刀

Four rulers                  四把尺子

Five color pencils     五支彩色铅笔


Sentence structure: I have a pencil. 我有一支铅笔。(I+HAVE+MEASURE WORD+NOUN)

She has two erasers.她有两块橡皮。(√)她有二块橡皮(×)。

Tian li has three scissors. 田力有三把剪刀。

You have four rulers.你有四把尺子。

He has five color pencils. 他有五支彩色铅笔。

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Ms 5 Review Hsk

Grade 6 to grade 12 will have a Hsk test on Febuary 15. Recently, we review Hsk in Mandarin class.  Students will take the different level of Hsk test. Students will have the test from HSk 3 to HSK 5 in Ms 5 class. These students who will have the HSK 4 will do reading and writing when others students do listening. And, I will explain the question one by one. Try my best to resolve student’s question. I ask students to correct wrong by themselves. If they can’t do it right again, I will remind them.Generally speaking, Students can do it by themselves. I review words according to the HSK vocabulary list and teach important words and diffcult words.Hsk 4相信

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Grade 3: My lunch

With Chinese new year coming, I introduce culture of Chinese new year, including the story of Nian and Chinese food that people eat in spring festival. These foods are related to the topic of lesson My lunch. We study the sentence structure WO ZHONGWU CHI JIAOZI in the lesson.(我中午吃饺子。S+ time+ V+N)


Ask students to draw foods what they like. And then introduce these foods to other students in Chinese. Students will use these new words and sentence structure when we role play.

Some new words:

三明治 Sandwich

薯条 French fries

炒面 Fire noodles

热狗 Hotdog

甜甜圈 Donuts

比萨饼 Pizza

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Grade 8 MS 5: Festival posters

Recently, MS5 have studied two topics delicious food and festivals. And, we will study eating out in next semester. Therefore, to review words and sentences what we have learned and preview that we will study. We have these posters. Students divided into different groups. They design the style of poster, collect pictures and think about content by themselves. And then, they introduced their poster and told us something about the Chinese festivals. It’s better to absorb knowledge for them in this way, they can practice communicate skill when they talk about how to design and make the poster in Chinese.



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Grade 1:我不喜欢我的头发。(wǒ bù xǐ huān wǒ de tóu fa)I don’t like my hair

Grade 1:我不喜欢我的头发。(wǒ bù xǐ huān wǒ de tóu fa)I don’t like my hair

Grade1 study the sentence structure Sb like/don’t like sth, some colors and de by the video story. Students watch the video story first, and then the teacher guide students to say by ask students in Chinese. To correct the student’s pronunciation, students follow the video in Chinese. The teacher review and practice new words and new sentence structure by play games.

Phrase: red hair红色的头发  hóng sè de tóu fa

Yellow hair 黄色的头发 huáng sè de tóu fa

Black hair 黑色的头发 hēi sè de tóu fa

Green hair 绿色的头发 lǜ sè de tóu fa

Pink hair 粉红色的头发fěn hóng sè de tóu fa

Purple hair 紫色的头发zǐ sè de tóu fa

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Grade 3:Where do you live? Practice and Game

When we study Cities, we practice cities name by some games. Students like these games. “Follow me” the game is very interesting. Students need to say cities name quickly with rhythm of applause, and the rhythm of applause is become more and more quickly. We have some rewards and consequences. For example, if some students say it slowly, he or she will sing a Chinese song. The game is good and helpful to remember pronunciation.

Game 2Game 1

And we often play game in small groups. Some games can’t finish by just one student. “Spell sentences” need all students to do it together. Some students say it, some students listen and find words and other students will spell it by right order. We review and practice speaking and recognize skills by these small games. The most important is students feel they are a whole.

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Grade 1 Mandarin chinese class activities

We have been in school more than one month. Grade 1 have studied numbers and family. These pictures are about some activities what we do in Mandarin class. The first one is about a children’s song. We study it to review numbers. IMG_2106 The second one is a game about numbers. Students are divided into different groups to match Chinese characters with numbers. The game can help students to practice and increase memory of numbers and Chinese characters. IMG_2180   The third one is about family. We have study family title. For example, Daddy, Mom, big sister, big brother and others. Students draw the paint and stick their families. Then introduce their families for all students with new sentence pattern. I put student’s paint in my power point in Mandarin class. Students can look at their family portrait to make sentence. So every students can have an opportunity to practice new sentence pattern and new words. IMG_2268 IMG_2279 IMG_2280