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    • 2020年庆新春
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    • ES2 中文课的流程
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    • Seasons in different cities.
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    • Well begin is half done !
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    • Practice makes perfect
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    • 烹饪节目
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    • MS4
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    • Mid-Autumn Festival
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    • 中文高级班
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    • Welcome ES 3 Parents!
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    • Welcome to Mandarin Class!
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    • I ride school bus to school (我坐校车上学)
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We are learning facilities about classroom.

Chinese characters: 教室   电视机   电脑   书架   桌子   椅子  小学生   老师  很多  前后左右

pinyin: ai  ei  ui  ao  ou  iu  ie  üe  er  in  un   ün  ang  eng  ing  ong

sentences:教室里有电视机。 教室里有很多小学生。



measure words:张    把     台    个

practice: We play game to practice these things. We will listen to instructions and do the action. For example, raise your left hands, use your right hands handshake with your partner. This is a way to practice, and can  let class become more interesting , enhance their friendship.

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Recently, we are learning facilities and subjects about school.
Chinese characters:科目:数学 中文 英语 生物 地理 物理 历史 化学 音乐 美术 有意思 考试 测验 为什么
设施:教学楼 图书馆 教室 体育馆 篮球场 足球场 游泳池。
这是我的学校,图书馆里有很多人,一些在…….,一些在…….。Furthermore, we wrote an essay to record our trip. IMG20180320131553[1]IMG20180320131615[1]IMG20180320131651[1]IMG20180320131744[1]

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Grade 2 students are learning clothes: 校服school uniform, 衬衫shirt, 裙子dress, 裤子pants,鞋子shoes,毛衣,袜子,牛仔裤 and so on. We write Chinese characters, and need them know meanings, then they can try to introduce their clothes they are wearing. Besides, we are learning 喜欢 and 不喜欢, 有 and 没有,students can add some others thing they have learned to this structure.
Chinese characters: 校服 衬衫 裙子 短裙 裤子 短裤 皮鞋 (不)喜欢 (没)有

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This is a new term, and we use new methods, making each student an active member of the classroom. You are teacher.This requires students to come to the lecture, so students must be fully prepared. They should learn and understand first, then prepare what we are going to teach, let the others understand.this way can exercise students’ understanding ability,and can also exercise the ability to speak and manage.What’s more, we can introduce some other knowledge,like Chinese culture. In addition,we have learned hobbies, and students have a wide range of interests.they can introduce their hobbies in Chinese.These are pictures that students prepare lesson and make PPT.
webwxgetmsgimg (1)
webwxgetmsgimg (2)
webwxgetmsgimg (3)

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Grade 2

This month we learned the family,家人,我家有五口人。爸爸,妈妈,爷爷,奶奶,外公,外婆,哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹。Let students record a video to describe their family.Then we learn country, where are you from? 国家,你是哪国人? And let students recognize flags , know your country’s flag. Then we learn sentences: 我的国家是_____,我是_____人。Students introduce themselves one by one. Meantime, we draw our countries’ flags.f1

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Grade 4/5 seasons

This month we are learning seasons. 春夏秋冬. Different seasons have different landscape, and people will wear different clothes, so students describe seasons including the view ,the people ,the temperature and so on . when we learned how to describe a person, students brought the pictures, persons or animals, they tried to introduce their pictures to others, tall or short, fat or thin, clothes and color and so on.Now we learn seasons ,students can connect what we have learned and life. If we invite friends to a place ,we can introduce weather in detail and give some suggestions to friends.

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For two months,we have learned the number 40-100,and Chinese characters一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,百,千,万.Let them know how to describe the calendar in chinese, 哪年几月几号/几日星期几,at the same time, we also learn the four tones:a o e i u ü. In addition, we play games I write and you guess,write chinese characters on the back and learn the song青春修炼手册 in our spare time, strengthening the memories in the fun.1311