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Telling Time and Date

新年快乐!!!After the long Christmas break, Grade 1 students came back to school learning the Chinese days of the week and months of the year. We are also learning to tell the time by the hour, half hour and minutes. Young students are more engaged and interested in learning a topic through singing songs. Here are some songs we’ve been singing in class for the past few weeks.

时间歌 Time Song

What Time Is It? (现在几点了?)

Days of the Week Song in Chinese

月份歌 Months of the Year

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Kinder Mandarin- 我的身体

November 29, 2018

For the past few weeks, Kindergarten students focused on the topic: My Body Parts 我的身体. Students learned to listen, speak, read and identify the different body parts. They were also guided to write some words with the proper stroke order. Students learned to recite sentence patterns like:

a. 我用眼睛看书。

b. 我用鼻子闻东西.

c. 我用耳朵听音乐.

d. 我用嘴巴吃东西.

e. 我用手写字.

f. 我用脚走路.

Image result for 我的身体图

Students enjoyed singing and dancing with these songs:



My Head

我的头我的肩 My Head My Shoulders

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FUN MANDARIN in Kinder!!!

How fast time flies! We are now on Week 9 of our school year! Kinder classes are having fun and learning a lot from our Mandarin class. Students were able to learn to listen, read, speak and write Mandarin in class. These were our topics for the past few weeks of school:
1. Classroom Rules and Language
2. Basic Greetings and Names (你叫什么名字?;你几岁?你上几年级?) (我叫________. 我四岁. 我上幼儿园.)
3. Basic Chinese Writing Strokes (横,竖,撇,捺,点,提)
4. Polite Expressions (谢谢、不客气、对不起、没关系、请帮我, etc…)
5. Counting and Writing Numbers 1-10. (一到十)
6. Recognition and Writing Family Members using the Chinese language (爸爸、妈妈、姐姐、哥哥、弟弟、妹 妹、爷爷、奶奶、外公、外婆).
7. Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节, 月亮, 满月, 月饼,灯笼,嫦娥,后羿,赏月,水果
8. Songs and Rhymes (早上好,早安歌,再见歌,上学歌,数字歌,手指家庭,让爱住我家,如果感到开心,静夜思)

Links for Review:

1. Learn to Write and Count in Mandarin

2. Finger Family 手指家庭

3. The Number Song 数字歌

4. The Wheels on the Bus

5. 我的家人

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Welcome to Mandarin Class!

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to CISM! I am Jessica Ng ( Ding Lao Shi) and I am glad to be part of CISM this year.  I will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade Mandarin. I have taught Kindergarten and Lower Elementary in international schools in Taiwan for the past three years. I  look forward to a fun-filled and wonderful learning experience with your child this year. I believe that children should be the center of learning, and my job is to facilitate and guide each student as they go through every learning opportunity inside and outside of the classroom. I believe that teachers and parents share a common goal in here in school: to provide for good quality education and for students to have a fruitful and memorable learning experience all throughout the year. In this note, an open communication will greatly help your child in Chinese learning skills and development. Please feel free to contact me through my email: and/or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu at Tel. No. (632) 7980011 loc. 103 or 106. You may also visit the blog site to keep you updated with our monthly lessons and activities. Thank you so much for your support. 


Jessica Ng 

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Mandarin Teacher  

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Kindergarten Mandarin



Kinder  Mandarin – Mr. Maverick Arenas


Kindergarten students focused on the topic “Daily routine” this month. We learned different words about daily routine such as, 洗澡、洗手、洗头、洗头发、洗脸、洗脚、起床、上学、刷牙、吃早饭、放学、回家、睡觉. Every Mandarin class, students were tasked to identify Chinese characters, and read aloud words presented in class. They were also given opportunity to say their daily routine in class by using sentence patterns discussed in class.


Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this month.  You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for future lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic for the week Family and strokes
Learning outcomes
  • Pronounce the words correctly
  • Identify Chinese characters
  • Identify pictures
  • Answer the questions correctly
  • Recite sentences related to the topic
  • Sing songs and rhymes
Vocabulary Vocabulary: 



Sentence pattern:

  1. 我要洗澡、洗手、洗头、洗头发、洗脸、洗脚、起床、上学、刷牙、吃早饭、放学、回家、睡觉
  2. 我会洗澡、洗手、洗头、洗头发、洗脸、洗脚、刷牙、吃早饭
Review material
  • Easy steps to Chinese for  kids 1
  • Youtube videos



Teacher Mavi





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Kindergarten Mandarin (Nationality)



Kindergarten Mandarin


Dear Kindergartenparents,


Students in Kindergarten enjoyed learning Countries and Nationalities in Mandarin class. They were so excited to see their country’s flags and read the Chinese characters for their nationality. This unit’s focus is to help them identify different nationalities in Chinese and read Chinese characters related to countries/nationalities. We also learned how to introduce our self and some friends’ nationalities using the sentence pattern: 我是中国人。XXX是美国人。XXX是瑞典人。XXX是菲律宾人。In writing, students patiently write each stroke to see the entire structure of the Chinese characters. We have learned writing the following words: 中国人、美国人、日本人、韩国人。


Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this month. You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for next lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic for the week Countries and Nationalities
Learning outcomes
  • Identify countries and nationalities in Mandarin
  • Read and recognize the Chinese word for different countries and nationalities
  • Pronounce Chinese words with correct pronunciation and tone mark
  • Recite sentences related to countries and nationalities
  1. 中国(人)
  2. 美国(人)
  3. 菲律宾(人)
  4. 日本(人)
  5. 印度(人)
  6. 香港(人)
  7. 马来西亚(人)
  8. 澳大利亚(人)
  9. 加拿大(人)
  10. 比利时(人)
  11. 韩国(人)
  12. 瑞典(人)
Sentence Pattern -你是哪国人?




Teacher Mavi

Countries and Nationalities Google Drive Link :