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Learning by Teaching

Learning mandarin is not easy, but somehow students find it incredibly fun to teach it to one another.

One way of a quick review on new vocabulary is to have the students to quiz one another, right after they are done with the writing practice.


Fun in class: guessing and writing the Chinese character my classmate is writing on my back.

Loving how the students take on active learning!

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September Highlights

With the mid-autumn full moon, end-September is a time for family reunion for the Chinese.

In class, students learnt about the legend of Chang’E before acting it out in groups. They also had fun with the traditional dice game.

dice4 dice3dice2dice1

Most students had already learnt how to play it, and this year we introduced the origin – yes the dice game is a tradition from Xiamen (a city in China) and not a practice of all Chinese!

Everyone went home with some goodies from the game – what’s not to love about a sure-win lucky draw? :)

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Welcome to a year of joyful learning!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to SY18/19! I am Ms. Khloie Tan (Chen Lao Shi), and I am the Chinese teacher for Grade 3, ES1/Grade 4 and MS1/ES1. It is my pleasure to be part of the CISM faculty this year and I look forward to a wonderful and fun-filled learning experience in CISM.

I believe that students should be the center of learning and my job is to facilitate, guide and lead each and every one of them as they go through every learning opportunity within and outside of the classroom.

I believe that teachers and parents share a common goal here in school: for children to have a fruitful and successful learning experience all throughout the year. In this note, an open communication will greatly help your child’s Chinese learning development. Please feel free to contact me through my email and/or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu at Tel. No. (632) 798-0011 Local 103 or 116.

Here’s a quick peek on our first week in Mandarin class:

CheersES1 students drawing pictures to recap what they learnt in the previous school year