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Preparing for the YCT

As the saying goes,”the early bird catches the warm.” If you want to do something successfully, make preparations earlier.

As our Lesson 7 “爱好(音乐)” come to an end,  ES3 Mandarin class begins to prepare for the YCT test on the last school day of Feb. In our class, most of the students will take YCT level 2 OR level 3 exam in May. Fortunately, they are passionate about the challenge.

From the week, we will spend half an hour to review and memorize the vocabulary every Friday. The kids have already know their own YCT Level, and said they will try their best to pass the examination on May 9. Therefore, we have 2 months to prepare for the exam, and everyone wish all of us will pass it.

Good luck guys!


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This month we learned something about sickness, most of the stuents enjoyed this topic, especially when they know how to see a doctor in Chinese.

Besides,we recalled some words about body, and learned two characters– “痛”“疼”,kids already know the difference between them. When we contact the words about body with “痛”“疼”, it’s “眼睛疼/痛,头疼/痛,耳朵疼/痛,手疼,脚疼”.

Some of our Mandarin class is after PE class, so when some students told me “老师,我手疼!”“老师,我脚疼!”, I was happy!

Attached is a video about our topic.

I Am Sick! (我生病了)






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Kids, Have fun in Halloween!

To kids, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holiday in a year, they like to dress up and look forward to get the most candies in Halloween.

During Halloween day in CISM, our ES3 Mandarin class reviewed some words of “生病” , recalled some words of body, and then watched a video —Body song. Most students can recall the words, and do their worksheets correctly. After that, teacher encourage every student to say some words about this lesson we mentioned, so that they can get white rabbit candies (大白兔奶糖) from Liu laoshi. Some of the kids told me that they know how to say the name of this candy in Chinese, and they all like white rabbit so much.

Kids , enjoying your candies in Halloween !