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    • 2020年庆新春
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    • Seasons in different cities.
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    • Practice makes perfect
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    • 烹饪节目
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    • Mid-Autumn Festival
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    • 中文高级班
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    • I ride school bus to school (我坐校车上学)
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Last January 24, we celebrated Chinese New Year 2020 or the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) with song and dance in the gym.

ES1 sang 《笑笑力量大》 as they welcome the year of the rat.


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John Dewey’s “Learning by Doing” in Mandarin Class??? Maybe Yes, Maybe Not?

In Grade 11 CHI B class, the class have learned about Health, Customs and Traditions. 

It is during this time where the class discussed about individuals being health conscious, students going on a diet to look good, health benefits of certain food available in the market nowadays etc. It has been part of our discussion to understand the culture behind drinking tea, different ways on how to drink it and its brief history. As part of their cultural learning, I think it is only best for students to experience and enjoy the tradition of drinking tea. 

During our review and discussion about the traditions of drinking tea around the world. Each student was given a cup of their flavored fruit tea to experience and understand the transformation of the traditional tea compared to a brand new variety of tea available in the market now. 

By doing so, I believe that students were able to understand better the difference between the traditional freshly brewed tea and the millennial tea we buy from bobba tea stores. 

Can you tell me if “Learning by Doing” was applied here somehow? IMG_1914

Please comment below your answers. 

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This month we learned something about sickness, most of the stuents enjoyed this topic, especially when they know how to see a doctor in Chinese.

Besides,we recalled some words about body, and learned two characters– “痛”“疼”,kids already know the difference between them. When we contact the words about body with “痛”“疼”, it’s “眼睛疼/痛,头疼/痛,耳朵疼/痛,手疼,脚疼”.

Some of our Mandarin class is after PE class, so when some students told me “老师,我手疼!”“老师,我脚疼!”, I was happy!

Attached is a video about our topic.

I Am Sick! (我生病了)






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Snacks Learning and Mask Making

Time Flies. G2 learned their favorite topic “snacks” in this month, students studied lots of words about snacks and tasted Chinese snacks. After our lesson, we made masks together.

Here are some words share with you: 巧克力,蛋糕,糖果,冰淇淋,甜甜圈,棒棒糖,薯片,饼干……

They can also use those words to make sentences:


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In the Joy of Chinese Learning

ES2-Grade 4&5

Halloween is one of the most special and important events that a lot of people are looking forward to, especially the children. It is a happy day of “Trick or Treat” for the young children and it is the time to dress up in  their own costumes.

For ES2, students practiced spoken Chinese on the following topics:

Numbers、Greetings、Dates、Age、Telephone Numbers and Self-introduction.

Almost all the students of ES2, they are dressed up as a specific character that they want to be on Halloween Day.

The children not only practice their spoken Chinese skills, but also enjoy the day of “Happy Halloween” !



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Kids, Have fun in Halloween!

To kids, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holiday in a year, they like to dress up and look forward to get the most candies in Halloween.

During Halloween day in CISM, our ES3 Mandarin class reviewed some words of “生病” , recalled some words of body, and then watched a video —Body song. Most students can recall the words, and do their worksheets correctly. After that, teacher encourage every student to say some words about this lesson we mentioned, so that they can get white rabbit candies (大白兔奶糖) from Liu laoshi. Some of the kids told me that they know how to say the name of this candy in Chinese, and they all like white rabbit so much.

Kids , enjoying your candies in Halloween !







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Learning and Growing

In this month, G2 students were reviewed how to say animals, classroom items, some measure words, big and small, many and few and constructed simple sentences using vocabulary words.(动物园里有什么?动物园里有…… 教室里有什么?教室里有…… 只,头,条,大,小,多,少)
Students also learned how to write those simple characters.

As we all know, we had lots of school events during this month so that the students studied some Chinese  words of our activities .

I’ve attached some pictures of our topics for review.

IMG_0794 IMG_0804 IMG_0810 IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_1113 IMG_1118 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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ES1 – Daily Routine

These two weeks, ES1 students are reviewing how to say time, recalling daily routines words and constructing simple sentences using vocabulary words (time and daily routines).
Students also learned to ask questions and give answers on different scenario.

I’ve attached picture of morning, afternoon and evening for review and a video for reinforcement.


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Handmade and Dancing Show

Grade 2 Handmade and Dancing Show

During this month, G2 students have learned  these topics – Mid-Autumn Festival, Animals and Parts of body.

We learned different vocabulary words about Festival,Animals and Parts of body. We had handmade lantern from our amazing students and we played dice game together. Students showed their enthusiasm and enjoyed learning Chinese cultures from class activities.About animals and parts of body, students did great job and enjoyed dancing.

Attached are our classroom activities.