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Kinder Computer Class August 28, 2013

Hello! Today is kinder students’ first formal class in Computer subject. Everybody still remembers several ways on basic computer care. Labeling the different computer peripheral devices is also a piece of cake for everyone (Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer). We also reviewed the different functions of each device and we were able to play a short game about different parts of the computer unit. It has been a very fun game for everyone for they were able to touch each part of the computer. Our class this morning was filled with fun and excitement as they participate in each mini game that we had.

The kids also showed their skill on painting using crayons as they quietly worked on their coloring worksheet. The kids are asked to color each part of the computer according to the color assignments on the left side of the worksheet. Looking at the efforts of these kids for this activity only proves that, these students are more than willing to learn and explore our world of technology.


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First Grade Computer Class August 16, 2013

It was a wonderful class experience with the first grade students. They’re not only a bunch of cute kids, but they also showed intellectual growth when they stated the proper ways of taking care of the computer. I am so much amazed when they were able to give out examples on how to do basic care for our computers. It is such a relief seeing kids showing their concern about our technology.

As I finish showing the students a short presentation about computer parts, students started raising their hands wanting to recite and label each computer part. They also repeatedly state each function of every device shown on the screen. While playing the game, they were also able to point out the correct peripheral device as the teacher say its use.

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Pre-K Computer August 15, 2013

Pre-K students were introduced with the different parts of the computer unit. The students were able to name different parts of the computer as the teacher shows different photos of each part. Kids also played a game where they were asked to raise the picture of the computer part as the teacher call the names of each part. 

I love how the kids reacted with the lesson, they showed excitement and interest on what composes the computer unit. I am pretty sure that they would be so much thrilled when they get the chance to touch their own  computer unit as we go to our next lesson. 

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Grade 4 Chinese Class August 13 to 16

The grade 4 students studied 我比去年更快乐!They started to read the text and memorized some of its important lines. The grade 4 students are also learning new vocab words that might be useful in their journey as they learn chinese language. We have been using doceri app to write chinese characters, its internal structure and different chinese radicals used.


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Welcoming Pre-K Students! An exciting and fun ICT class awaits for you! :)

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