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Grade 4 Mid-Autumn Dice Game 2013

Students from Grade 4 of Ms. Therese’s, Mr. Maverick’s & Ms. Nancy’s had so much fun playing the traditional Dice Game.

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Grade 4 Chinese Class September 16-20, 2013!

The grade 4 students was given a task to retell the story of the legend of Chang e (嫦娥) and Houyi (后羿). After watching a video of the legend, the class discussed the important scenes to be included in their story retelling. They were asked to use an Ipad app called “Comic Life”.

The students proved their creativity through their Comic Life Project.


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Kinder Computer Class September 18, 2013!

As we review the parts of the mouse, the kids showed excitement learning the skill of clicking and dragging using the mouse. the kids attentively listened and tried their best to accomplish the task of moving one desktop icon across the screen. The kids we’re also given an activity online making a personalized snowman (click and drag activity).

link:  www.abcya.com/snowman.htm


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Grade 4 Chinese Class September 9 – 13, 2013!

Grade 4 students were asked to make a short drama skit out of their new text under the topic “School Facilities”. Every student is doing great on their oral fluency, so the teacher asked them to make a small project that would require their physical participation and help them develop their oral skills and their skills in making a drama presentation.

The class was divided into three groups which consist four members. Each group has a director who is in charge of the whole group presentation; a narrator who will be doing the narration of the whole drama presentation; 比得 who is one of the main character in the drama and a 山美 who is another character in the story.


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Grade 4 Chinese Class September 2 – 6, 2013!

The Grade 4 class showed their creativity and being artistic in publishing their essays using MS Word. They showed enthusiasm and unity as a whole class in finishing this project. I believe that being able to finish such project may increase their knowledge in both subject area (Chinese Language and Technology Class). In this project, students would also understand that the integration of ICT in our Chinese class is another way to make the class more interesting and effective.

*Essay Project*

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Kinder Computer Class August 4, 2013

First time that the kinder garden students will be in contact with their computers. They will be needing to put their hands on the machine in order to achieve the objective of today’s class. The objective for today is for the students to be able to hold the mouse properly and use it to click (left click). To develop  their skills on this area, I have prepared an educational game. The game is actually more instructional and may help them to develop their mouse skills and listening skills as well. The website for this online game is http://www.headsprout.com/code/launchMA.cfm Kids can actually play this game at home too.  This game is not only for their computer skills enhancement but also to serve as an aid to guide them as they learn new topics in their other subjects.

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Grade 1 Computer Class August 30, 2013

Today students from first grade had the chance to review their lesson about parts of the mouse and its functions. Kids were able to play an online game which enhance and helps them develop their mouse skills. Kids were so excited to play a memory game in the main computer of the computer lab. Everyone is cheering for their classmate as they come in front and try to guess the 2 blocks that has the same letters (one letter is in Upper case form and the other in Lower case form) by clicking the left click of the mouse. In this way, lessons covered in their other subjects will also be integrated in their computer subject.

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/