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How well do I know my “iPad”?

The Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st Grader students have been using iPad s in their technology class. This is to educate these group of learners to be digitally active in terms of learning. Students must as well be equipped with proper device as they head their way into much entertaining, fun and electronic way of education.

In the pictures below it shows students so busy accomplishing task given to each of them. Students were asked to get a hold of their classroom iPad s for about 15-20 minutes and explore the iPad itself. They may try every app of their choice with the supervision of the teacher and teaching assistants around. But before they get to use it, teacher gave them guide questions to help them find out the purpose of the device on their hand. Guide questions has been discussed in the class right after the students consumed the time allotted for their iPad exploration.




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Let’s Go “DigiTaL” (Grade 2 Chinese)

Students in grade 2 Chinese class has been using iPad s in learning Chinese language recently. As young as these students are, we are trying to train them to be digital learners and let them realize the importance of technology in education.

I assigned 1 iPad for each student to give every students a chance to have ownership of their own work/project. I am also trying to train each student to be independent and knowledgeable in operating their assigned iPad. This is also to prepare them for more digital works and projects that awaits them for the following school year.

Students are engaged in many applications that aids their Chinese learning such as Doceri, Book Creator, Show Me, Explain Everything etc. These apps are helping the students to create projects where application of learning takes place. Students are also using NCIKU, PLECO and iMiaoPlus when searching for specific Chinese character information. NCIKU and Pleco is a Chinese English dictionary app that provides characters pinyin, stroke order and english meaning. While iMiaoPlus is an app that displays proper stroke order of each character and provides a feature where you can practice writing the character by yourself. It also shows the Chinese characters radical and pinyin (located at the characters right side).

I strongly believe that these apps are created and designed to aid the students in their learning. Since it is for the better, we should maximize the use and purpose of these apps, not only to add spark on our daily Chinese class, but also to enlighten the kids that Chinese learning can also go beyond papers and pencils. Let’s go “DIGITAL”. 

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