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As CISM starts its school year 2015-2016, students are excited to meet not only their new classmates but also their new teachers. During the first 2 weeks, students were stilladjusting with new classroom setups and new people around them and you can see it in their eyes that they’re enjoying the moments of getting to know each other and learning new things at the same time.

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Aside from the teacher and students getting to know each other well, all students should also establish a good relationship among them. And the best way to do this is by having the students start with classroom activities that will let them interact with one another using basic Chinese greetings. Through this, students will not only develop and apply their social skills but also will try to include these interactions and gestures as a form of their daily routine in and out of the classroom.

Students were also introduced with some Chinese characters such as 你好,再见,坐下,安静,老师. As of now, students of Nursery and Pre-k are getting themselves familiar with these words and trying to use them everyday with the teacher.

Students from Pre-k were also asked to mold a clay model of 你好 and 再见 on a paper printed with the characters to add exposure to Chinese characters. Below are pictures of students output.

IMG_7118 IMG_7117 IMG_7116 IMG_7115 IMG_7114 IMG_7113 IMG_7112 IMG_7111 IMG_7110


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